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Boston University School of Public Health / Department of Community Health Sciences



As a practicing community pharmacist, I am currently pursuing a Master of Public Health at Boston University School of Public Health.  My degree is concentrated in Community Health Sciences, specifically social and behavioral sciences. With my Master of Public Health, I plan to integrate the new skills learned with my current profession of pharmacy to help improve patient care and access and reduce health disparities through utilization of a community pharmacist.

In this electronic folio, you can find a listing of my coursework completed at Boston University and examples of my work both in the classroom and in a practice setting.  Additionally, examples of community work and professional development are included.  I hope my work represents my passion for integrating public health into the profession of pharmacy, both in the community and clinical setting.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Contact Information

Catherine Taylor, PharmD, MPH Candidate

278 Harvard St Apt 9 Cambridge MA 02139


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